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Industrial Water Chiller System

A water chiller is a mechanical device or a machine which produces chilled water (Approx. 7 Degree C ~ 12 Degree C) by removing heat from water. The lower temperature of water chiller is usually around 10 o C and it is also depend upon the Chiller design. Water chiller same as a refrigerator machine but instead of keeping your food cool or freezing, it produces chilled water. Water chillers have water cooled condenser connected with cooling tower through which heat is removed.

In case of an industrial chiller it process same, water pumped the chiller normally at 60° F and cooled to 50° F, and solution can cooled it by 20° F and then the heat is removed from the condenser with the help of  plant cooling tower water system. In few years industrial chiller got more attention due to its better efficiency, modern designs, less operation, performance improvement and maintenance costs. This technology is used by various industries for controlled cooling of mechanisms, products and  factory machineries (Industrial air conditioning, air conditioning of digital systems etc) an average temperature of cooled water can be range from 35 to 45 °F (2 to 7 °C), or else depend upon requirements.

Water chiller work as a backbone and play vital role for the HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems where chiller cools water instead of air with the help of cooling tower around 10 o C. In HAVC system heat removed from water by vapor compression or vapor absorption cycle and then through a heat exchanger or coils water move to a cool equipment. Typically chiller of air conditioning applications is between 15 and 2000 tons and minimum one manufacturer can produce 5,200 tons capable chillers for the cooling.

On the basis of refrigerant cycle on which chillers work there are two type of chiller and the most common Refrigerant compression chillers use mechanical compression there are two main types of refrigerant compression chillers, air and water.

Absorption chillers: Principle behind an absorption process is to separate heat from fluids and provide a cooling effect at very low electricity consumption by Generator, Condenser, Evaporator and Absorber. To create refrigeration and cooling effect absorption chiller use steam or natural gas. Absorption chillers are two types:

• NH3-H20 (ammonia-water) cycle
• LiBr (Lithium bromide) cycle.
In the first, ammonia water solution acts as the refrigerant and water acts as the absorbent.
In the second, water is the refrigerant and lithium bromide is the absorbent.
Ammonia-water vapor absorption system is most common in industrial chiller system because of zero water consumption, High solubility of ammonia in water, reduces in maintenance problems and makes machine to be more robust and can work with extreme conditions.

Vapour Compression Chillers: Vapor-compression refrigeration or vapor-compression refrigeration system work with the aim to raise the refrigerant pressure as it flows from an evaporator and transfer heat from a cold reservoir to a hot one. It is not possible to construct a device without vapour compression chiller which operates in a cycle and transfer the heat from a lower-temperature body to a higher-temperature body through a process compressor, condenser, expansion and evaporator. It is widely use in so many industries like natural gas plants, petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants, food storage, warehouses and beverage processes of the industrial plants.

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