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Air Moisture Separator – Annair Drychill

Moisture or Steam separator use for separating water droplets from steam. It is important to remove water droplets from steam because it effects on the productivity and quality of the product also it can damage the engine in many ways by reducing the thermal efficiency or corrosion, water hammer, hydraulic lock in the engine. Equipment are very costly nowadays like flow meters, control valves etc. and due to wet steam they can be easily damage. Because water droplets travels at high steam velocities so it erode the valve seats and fittings, and this condition is known as wire drawing. Also water droplets will increase the amount of corrosion. It also Increase the scaling of pipe work and heating surfaces from the impurities available in the water droplets.

In result Failure of valve seats. To avoid this kind of issue we used moisture separator or steam separator.

·         No electricity
·         Mount inline
·         Centrifugal action for particle separation
·         Long lasting cartridges

There are three types of separator in common use in steam systems:

Baffle type
Baffle or vane is type of moisture separator in which there are number of baffle plates. When wet steam will pass from separator body it will separate the water droplet from the steam, the dry steam flows around the baffles and the water droplets collect on the baffles. The condensate collects in the bottom of the separator, where it will drain away through a steam trap.

Cyclonic Type
Cyclonic or centrifugal is type of moisture separator in which series is used to generate high-speed cyclonic flow. The wet steam swirl around the separator’s body and throw the heavier suspended water to the wall.

Coalescence Type
Coalescence is type of moisture separator which block (wire mesh pad) the steam path to absorb the water molecules. As the size of the droplets increases, the obstruction become too heavy and falls into the bottom of the separator.

If a separator is not uninsulated, it can raise water droplets to form rather than removing them, because of the large surface area exposed to the environment, and great amounts of heat energy can be lost from the surface of the separator. With the help of an insulation jacket, this heat loss can be much reduced and the energy savings justify the initial cost of the insulation, within very short time. An Insulation jackets is designed to fit over a particular separator.

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