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How does a chiller system work?

Water Chiller Working

How Chillers Work

Designing a high reliability chiller requires an in depth understanding of chiller components, including their limitations as applied to specific cooling applications. A reliable and functional chiller system is a result of quality engineering and manufacturing activity.  When properly executed, ROI goes well beyond the initial commissioning at the point of application.

A process chiller removes heat from a heat source – an environment where temperature must be maintained on a continuous basis, otherwise known as the process. Heat removal is based on the principle that heat will move from a hotter source to a colder source.

A chiller comprises two main parts called circuits – a fluid and refrigeration circuit. These circuits, especially refrigeration, become more complex as temperature requirements drop below -40°C. With low- and ultra-low temperature cooling, system design incorporates additional cooling circuits (called two-stage, three-stage, and auto-cascade systems) and refrigerants.

A chiller transfers the heat from the process to the fluid circuit then to the refrigeration circuit and finally to the condenser where it is expelled.

    An air-cooled condenser expels heat by blowing cool air across the condenser, moving heat into the atmosphere.
    A water-cooled condenser expels heat by circulating cool water through lines in the condenser. The water moves the heat to an external cooling apparatus.

What constitutes high reliability chiller operation? It begins with design – matching component capacity to cooling requirements. Specifying the right components (valves, fluids, pumps, etc.) is critical. The interactive diagram below shows a chiller with single-stage refrigeration. It describes the major components of a chiller and their importance to reliable operation in the selection of a specific design.

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