Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Refrigerated air dryer Application

Refrigerated air dryer work as a back bone of application by cooling the air or separate moisture from air at very low temperatures and without a refrigerated air dryer it is not possible to achieve dew points below freezing. A Refrigerated air dryer can produce air with dew points approx. 2°C (35°F) and in water sensitive applications refrigerated air dryer should not be used.  It is a most commonly air dryer system used in plant applications for drying plant’s air and gases like hydrogen, seal, nitrogen etc.

Refrigerated air dryer is more economical and convenient in the high-temperature environments, as in colder environments it would necessitate a lowering of the coil temperature and because of this it is rarely used in lower temperatures. In 12 months with 3 operational shifts a refrigerated air dryer can remove 2300 gallons of moisture from 100 cfm pneumatic system operating at 100 psi. Refrigerated dryer, cooled a compressed air around 35°F. After the passing of a compressed air through the inner brass, the moisture from air is drained, and the separated dried air is reheated by incoming air. By end of each the cycle, the outgoing compressed air has a dew point around 35°F to 40°F.

In compare of all the air dryers, the refrigerated air dryer is the most popular and widely used type, as like its name, refrigerated dryer functions in a similar manner with home refrigerators in cooling process. The main difference is cooling objects being cooled, because a kitchen refrigerator cools foods and beverages, and a refrigerated air dryer maintains the quality of air in application.

There are two types of refrigerated dryers.
Cycling: In simple word cycling refrigerated dryers perform according to requirement like when cooling is needed refrigeration systems will run otherwise it will shut off. Due to proper use of dryer it saves electricity very much.
Less set-up cost
Stable dew point
Operates continuously

Non-cycling: In non-cycling refrigerated dryer, refrigerated system run or work continuously it start as soon as you turn it on and doesn’t stop until you shut it down. They are cheap in price and good for those applications which run continuously.

Reduced energy cost
          Consume less Electricity

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