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Moisture Separator in india

Moisture Separator in India
It is very important to supply dry steam to the equipment. Moisture separator installed at inlet of the pressure reducing station ensures maximum Moisture Separator removal from the steam.

  • It reduces wet steam
  • Long working life of equipments as reduced water hammering
  • Reduced erosion & corrosion in the steam system
  • Reduced pipe & heating surface scaling

Other Applications: At inlet of the Critical equipment's in steam lines like Steam flow meter Moisture Separator, Control valves, inlet of critical process equipment etc.

Annait DryChill Tech  is Best Moisture separator Manufacturer In India

Cent star series Moisture Separator is used for removing bulk water from the compressed air line.
No electricity is used.
Can mount inline.
Particle separation by centrifugal action.
No replacement of cartridges over the period.

Moisture Separator Manufacturer In India

Moisture Separator Manufacturer In India

Moisture separator is also known as a steam separator, it is used as a water droplets separating device from steam. Using steam with the maximum dryness fraction is always a good thing. A steam containing moisture is always causing of problems like water hammer, corrosion etc. and damage industrial equipment. Moisture separators are designed for equipment to filter gas and compressed air. Annair Drychill manufactures indoor as well as industrial air filtration systems like air moisture separator, steam moisture separator, industrial moisture separator, compressed air moisture separator etc.

Annair Drychill manufacturer high performing cyclonic type moisture separator by using high quality raw material, large variety of sizes and are used to for the complete removal of entrained moisture particles and filtration of air and ensure for highest dryness fraction. These moisture separators can be customized with various industrial applications to suit the specific requirements of clients.
Annair Drychill manufacture moisture separator which is high on durability and efficiency, our Industrial Moisture Separators can sustain even the hardest surrounding.

·         Smooth finish
·         Dimensionally well-constructed
·         long-lasting cartridges
·         Thoroughly engineered design ensures
·         Maximum dryness fraction.
·         Wide variety of sizes
·         No electricity
·         Can scale inline
·         Particle separation by centrifugal action

·         Avoid damages or problem like water hammer, corrosion etc.
·         Improve the overall quality of application by high heat transfer and reliability of operation.
·         Baffle plates guide the compressed air.
·         No need of electricity.
·         Long lasting equipment means install and forget.

Other Details:
·         A compressed air enters into the moisture separator and then move in cyclonic motion around inner pipe.
·         This compressed air impact on the baffle plates, after that mild steels separates the moisture or water drops from the compressed air.
·         Dry air enters through the bottom of the inner pipe and through the 100-micron stainless steel mesh it passes.
·       The compressed air comes out finally is 85% free from physical moisture and also 100% free from solid particles.