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Regenerative desiccant Air Dryer – (Heatless and heated)

Air dryers are used for removing water vapor from compressed air and now they are commonly found in a huge range in commercial and industrial areas. Today in this article we are going to talk about regenerative desiccant Air dryer.
Regenerative desiccant Air dryer or “Heatless Air Dryer” or “Twin tower Air dryer” are used to remove all the water or vapor from compressed air at very low dew point. Regenerative desiccant Air dryer contain a special material known as desiccant (hygroscopic dry agent) which helps to absorb the moisture from compressed air. 
Through a refrigerated Air dryer a compressed air application can filter the proper and require air quality but when compressed air application getting exposed to freezing temperature then it is Regenerative desiccant Air dryer which maintain dew point, save energy and through its desiccant medium remove moisture from the compressed air when a wet air pass through the desiccant medium, which then adsorbs the moisture. Desiccant medium can absorb finite capacity of moisture before it dried out, or regenerated. Desiccant dryers generally construct in twin-tower structure, each tower contain its own desiccant bed because one bed is used to dry compressed air as the second process the undergoes regeneration.

Advantages of Regenerative Desiccant Type Dryers include:
1.     Regenerative Desiccant can achieve very low dew point without freeze-up.
2.     Regenerative Desiccant maintains the level of purge air.
3.     Regenerative Desiccant is designed to operate pneumatically for remote, hazardous, or mobile work sites.
4.     Regenerative Desiccant filter a compressed air down to-40oC (-40oF).
5.     Regenerative Desiccant maintain the pressure dew point of -70oC (-100oF).
6.     Regenerative Desiccant doesn’t require electrical power for operation.

Types of Regenerative desiccant Air Dryer
2.     Heated (internal or external heaters)

Heatless (no internal or external heaters): It is a type of Regenerative desiccant Air Dryer which uses only compressed air as a purge. As it is designed into two towers structure; each tower contains a Desiccant bed for the continuous filtration first vessel work as a dryer where temperature of air raise as much as 20° F and at the same time 15% dry air ported into the second vessel for regeneration and then moist air discharged from system. These dryers are used in Spray painting, Nitrogen generators, laboratory air & gas applications, etc….

Heated (internal or external heaters): As like its name heated regenerative desiccant air dryer has a heater in the circuit and provide more consistent dew point in compare with heatless desiccant. In heated regenerative desiccant air dryer only 3-4% dry air used as purge and also before the regeneration heated air dryer pre-heat the purge air. These dryers are used in CNC machines, CMM machines etc….

Friday, 9 March 2018

Air dryer

In simple word Air dryer is a machine, device, or a type of equipment which is used as Industrial as well as a Residential/Home Applications, to remove moisture (forced, dry or hot) from compressed air. Most commonly, Air dryers are used in industrial application in many industries like Hospital, Textile, and Telecom Industries etc. Air dryer process concentrates atmospheric contaminants, including water vapour. Nowadays equipments are very costly and Air dryers prevent them from rusting and corrosion, which can be caused by unnecessary moisture. It also prevent from the rid of moisture which can affect the attachments, colour and the finish of coats and paints. Air dryer works by cooling a warm and moisture full air by 3 degree and separate air and moisture, than through water-trap separated water removed.

1.     Refrigerant
2.     Regenerative desiccant
3.     Single Tower
4.     Membrane
Refrigerant: Refrigerant is a material or combination, usually available either in gaseous or fluid form. It absorbs heat or moisture from the air and provides cooling when combine with other material like compressor or evaporator. Refrigerant is the main source for freezing, air conditions, or refrigeration. Air conditioners we use in our home, office contain refrigerant inside copper coil. Refrigerant absorbs the warm air from the inner environment and pass that outside where a fan blows hot air over the coil.

Regenerative desiccant: It is also known as "regens" or "twin tower". Regenerative desiccant Air dryer use to bring dew point pressure of compressed air to level where water will no more condense or we can say it remove the water from compressed air as much as possible. An expected dew point by regenerative dryer is -40°C (-40°C) and required is dependent on dryer but in some -70°C is required.

Deliquescent dryer: It is also known as single tower dryer it is used to remove the harmful water, natural gas and waste gas from compressed air. Deliquescent dryer provides automatically the dew point approx 20°F lower then air temperature at the vessel pipe. Deliquescent dryer protect from freeze-ups in winter and from liquid in the summer. Deliquescent dryers have non moveable parts and they don’t even need electric power for the operation can be used at dangerous and risky locations. Performance of a Deliquescent dryer is highly depending upon air temperature or gas being processed. Collar temperature is positive performance result.

Membrane: As like other Air dryer membrane is also absorbs moisture or water vapour from compressed air. First Compressed air filtered with a high-quality merge filter and from there filter removes moisture, liquid water, oil and other matters from the compressed air. Filtered air will pass through centre bore of hollow fibres and separated water vapour will pass from outside surface of the fibres. Membrane dryer are designed to work 24*7 and 7 days of the week they don’t even need the electricity to operate and that is why membrane dryer are very reliable.

Automobile industry
Beverage industry
Breweries & distilleries industry
Dairies industry
Oil & industrial gases industry
Original Equipment Manufacturers industry
Steel plant industry
Food processing industry
Rubber & plastic industries industry
Petrochemicals industry
Chilling plant industry
Cement industry
Power plant industry
Paper industry
Rice mill industry
Textile industry

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Air Compressor Manufacturers

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