Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Trustworthy and Qualitative Heatless Air Dryer Manufacturer in India

Trustworthy and Qualitative Heatless Air Dryer Manufacturer in India

Annair Drychill Tech India Pvt Ltd
is well equipped with state-of-the-art assembly facilities, Equipment, Testing facilities, Quality Assurance team for manufacturing products of high standard of reliability and performance. Annair Drychill Tech India Pvt, Ltd Mumbai is a world-class manufacturer, Exporter of Heatless Air Dryer in India and also solution provider for compressed air treatment & industrial cooling.

Annair Drychill Tech India Pvt Ltd is a part of 'Thalakott' group which is established in the year of 2005. Annair is the most trusted brand in India since 2005, with more than 5000 successful installations and satisfied client base in all spectrum of Industries.
Our Heatless Air Dryer is used for instrumentation and process applications as well. Some applications are, CNC machines, CMM machines, Spray-painting, Nitrogen generators, laboratory air and gas applications, powder coating etc.
Heatless Air Dryer main features are:

  • Dew point achieved - 40˚C.
  • Compact and can be mounted on wall.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Lightweight Aluminium construction, no rusting.
  • Specially graded desiccants for optimum performance.
  • Equipped with pre filter & internal post filter.
  • Quality as per ISO 8573.1 class 3.
  • Range from 5 CFM to 100 CFM.
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Monday, 22 April 2019

Regenerative desiccant Air Dryer – (Heated & Heatless)

Desiccant Air Dryer

Air Dryers are used for removing water vapor from compressed air and now they are commonly found in a huge range in commercial and industrial areas. Today in this article we are going to talk about regenerative desiccant Air dryer.

Regenerative desiccant Air dryer or “Heatless Air Dryer” or “Twin tower Air dryer” are used to remove all the water or vapor from compressed air at very low dew point. Regenerative desiccant Air dryer contain a special material known as desiccant (hygroscopic dry agent) which helps to absorb the moisture from compressed air. 
Through a refrigerated Air dryer a compressed air application can filter the proper and require air quality but when compressed air application getting exposed to freezing temperature then it is Regenerative desiccant Air dryer which maintain dew point, save energy and through its desiccant medium remove moisture from the compressed air when a wet air pass through the desiccant medium, which then adsorbs the moisture. Desiccant medium can absorb finite capacity of moisture before it dried out, or regenerated. Desiccant dryers generally construct in twin-tower structure, each tower contain its own desiccant bed because one bed is used to dry compressed air as the second process the undergoes regeneration.

 Advantages of Regenerative Desiccant Type Dryers include:
1.    Regenerative Desiccant can achieve very low dew point without freeze-up.
2.     Regenerative Desiccant maintains the level of purge air.
3.     Regenerative Desiccant is designed to operate pneumatically for remote, hazardous, or mobile work sites.
4.     Regenerative Desiccant filter a compressed air down to-40oC (-40oF).
5.     Regenerative Desiccant maintain the pressure dew point of -70oC (-100oF).
6.     Regenerative Desiccant doesn’t require electrical power for operation.

Types of Regenerative desiccant Air Dryer
1.     Heatless (no internal or external heaters)
2.     Heated (internal or external heaters)

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