Tuesday, 22 May 2018

How to Clean & Care Air Dryer - Maintenance Tips

Choosing a right air dryer is a tough job but maintaining air dryer is very tough & sensitive job because proper maintenance of your air compressor helps you in efficient operation, longer life & reducing the operational cost. Poor maintenance of air compressor leads to malfunctioning, breakdown and so many other problems which effect badly in your production and can be costly because you have to repair of the air compressor.

Here are some tips for the maintenance of air compressor:

1.      Follow instructions: Reading your air dryer manual is a small time investment with big payoff. Manuals make you aware about maintenance schedule & operational guideline of the air dryer. Handling with the proper maintenance information will extend the life of air dryer.

2.      Daily oil levels check: Using an air compressor with insufficient oil can be caused serious damage in your equipment that’s why before use check oil in an air compressors that use oil.

3.      Polish intake vents: Always keep air intake clean, especially when environment is dusty and dirty otherwise it may degrade the quality of your tool or else you may lose power on your compression.

4.      Replace the separator element: Depending upon model at every 1 to 4 moth this separator element needs to be replaced which helps to prevent lavish oil usage. According to few survey and analysis it is shown that compressor energy costs rise by 1% for each 2 PSI of separator pressure drop.

5.      Keep Fasteners Tight: Loosing of screws, nuts and bolts can be caused due to vibration of compressor operation. So, you have to check them and tighten all parts periodically that have loose.

6.      Clean the Fuel Tank: Same like other engines you need to clean air compressor fuel tank periodically for optimal operating conditions. You need to check you air compressor fuel tank at-least once in year for long lasting life of your engine.

7.      Clean the Heat Exchangers: A dirty heat exchanger reduce the operating temperature and life span of your air dryer that’s why you need to clean your heat exchanger regularly for better operating temperature and long life.

8.      Monitor temperature: It is also an inbuilt or safety feature which specifies acceptable operating ranges for air dryer. If system gets too hot it will automatically shut down and prevent air dryer from damage you just have to make sure it’s functioning or not.

9.      Check Hoses: Check entire air compressor’s hoses regularly because cracks in any hoses can lead to leaks and cause unwanted damage. So, change or replace any hoses which are cracked or damaged.

10.  Look and listen: Prevent your machine from damage monitoring it closely. Don’t avoid any vibration and strange noise from air dryer. 

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