Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Why Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryer is the Best Option ?

Presence of water in compressed air systems can have serious complex. Suppose a 100 hp compressed air system can generate 40 gallons water in a 24-hour of period and due to reduction in quality, lost in production, and increase in maintenance costs, company loses million dollars every year. Installing a compressed air dryingequipment is the best solution for this problem.

The main key is choosing a suitable type of drying equipment which is not easy. First of all you have to understand how much degree it is required for drying and it is determined by any compressed air system expert and this is a very important step because maintaining required degree for drying will result higher ongoing operational cost.

Four main type of compressed air drying equipment are:
·         Deliquescent
·         Membrane
·         Refrigerated
·         Regenerative

There is very limited use of the membrane and deliquescent compressed air system and regenerative and refrigerated air systems are very common in use. Refrigerated compressed air dryer are more frequent and they are also come with well understood method of drying compressed air.

There are some industries like medical, food and beverage have application which requires very dry compressed air (-40 pdp sometimes -100 pdp) and it is not possible with the help of a refrigerated air dryer, in this case we have to apply a regenerative air dryer in the application. A regenerative desiccant compressed air dryer dry air and prevent the machines from corrosion and condensation also manufacturing process and product quality.

The five basic types of Regenerative air dryer:

Pressure Swing (heatless) : It is adsorption devices to remove moisture from air are installed in compressed air systems. During the drying process it retains the heat within the desiccant beds and by using dry purge air achieves the low dew points.

Heat of Compression : It is natural when air is compressed heat will automatically generated, and reverse process of cooling and decompression takes place. From the air compressed process it utilizes heat.

 Blower Purge : It is used to flush compressed air equipment with clean air and dry purge air from the process by utilizing a heat source. It ensures the functionality of the equipment is not getting affected.

Exhaust Purge (externally/internally heated) : It is a safe and reliable twin tower dryer air dryer delivers air dryer with pressure dew point -40°F. It use dry purge air and heat source as well from process.

Vacuum Assist : It utilizes a vacuum blower plus a heat source.

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