Monday, 28 May 2018

What Air Dryer Do I Need for my Compressor?

As like other energy and utilities element air dryer is very important utility in the world of manufacturing but most of the people even don’t know about the air dryer. Well today an air dryer is a part of our daily life as we are surrounded by machines. Air Dryer is a cooling equipment which separate moisture from air and make air dry and cool.

An air dryer is important for an air compressor because they keep safe compressors from moisture, rust problems from occurring. Moisture can be cause of serious damage to the compressor & machinery like it can corrode pipes and also can badly effect in the overall production.
To avoid such problems and damages air compressor need an air dryer to control malfunction, impair tool and avoid additional time and cost issue.

Air compressor need air dryer when dry air is require, valves begin corroding and rusting, leakage problem, water spots at air tools and water vapor from tool while exhausting spray.
The root problem in every air compressor is moisture, so invest into quality and proper sized air dryer.

The important thing to keep in your mind while buying an air dryer is that you have to aware about the air dryer’s maximum pressure and the capacity of all kind of air dryer, desiccant or refrigerated air dryer.

Total cost of an air dryer is not only purchasing and installation cost it also include energy consumption. Also sometimes air dryer consume more energy because compressor runs at high pressures.

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