Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Refrigerated Air Dryer

ANNAIR has developed another most efficient range Refrigerated Air Dryer series called Gold Star Series, Silver Star Series and Platinum Star Series. This High efficient Dryer module can deliver constant dew point at varying load conditions.

Refrigerated Air Dryer is one of the most common dryers. There design is very simple and need very little maintenance. Basically people use quality dryer and they don’t even need to care about that once it installed.

Working Principle :
Refrigerated Air Dryer Saturated compressed air enters to the Air heat exchanger, where it is pre cooled by out going cold dry air. Highly effective pre cooler reduces the temperature considerably, and enables to use smaller & economical refrigeration system. Then the pre cooled, relatively low temperature compressed condensed to liquid form, and separated from the compressed air by moisture separator and discharged to drain port through automatic drain value. The cold dry compressed air passes back to Air to Air Heat ex changer, and gain temperature by exchanging heat with incoming warm air. The dry air coming out from the dryer is ready to use for instrumentation and process air applications.

  •     Automobile
  •   Breweries & Distilleries
  •    Cement
  •    CNC Machining
  •    CMM Machines
  •    Chemical
  •    Food Processing
  •    Foundy
  •    General Instrumentation
  •    Hospital
  •    Packaging
  •    Paper
  •    Painting
  •    Pharmaceutical
  •    Power
  •    Plants
  •    Printing
  •    Rice Mill’
  •    Sugar
  •    Textiles
  •    Tool room etc...

        Sailent Features:
  •          CFC free, eco-friendly refrigerant
  •          Constant dew point at all varying load
  •         Two stage effective moisture separation
  •          Lower power consumption
  •          Built with necessary protectors for electrical & refrigeration systems
  •          Most modern refrigerant system components and pressure switches.
  •           Automatic, maintenance free and user friendly
  •           Compact design, requires less floor space
   Refrigerated Air Dryer in Thane and Gold Star Series Mumbai Annair products & services are easily available all over India through our Branch offices, Dealer network and service franchisees.

     Annair Drychill Tech (I) Pvt, Ltd Mumbai is an excellent manufacturer, Exporter and solution provider for compressed air treatment & industrial cooling. ANNAIR dryers & Chillers are one of the most trusted brands in India since 2005, more then 5000 successful installations and satisfied client base in all spectrum of industries. our products being exported regularly to South Asia, Middle east, Africa, Europe & South America. See more details on

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Saturday, 2 June 2018

What is Dew Point?

It is a temperature at which water vapor present in the air start condense into water droplet or you can say transform into liquid from gas. Dew temperature is maximum temperature where air can’t hold mixed water vapor and start condensing into the liquid water. Dew point must be lower or equal to the air temperature. Rise in dew point and become equal to air temperature forms Dew, Fog or clouds and at the same time relative humidity can be measure 100%.

Atmosphere’s temperature depend upon the temperature of air and dew point temperature, like colder atmosphere means rise in temperature of air and fall in temperature of dew point and water vapour turn into fog, dew, or cloud. And with this strategy we predict for the rain and winters.

Relative humidity is known as percentage of humidity means as like its name it is a measurement of humidity in the air and with the dew point temperature you can measure absolute water vapour present in the air. At the very hot or warm time the dew point can be 75 to 77 degree F, and sometimes it also cross 80 degree but it always shows constant amount of water vapor in the atmosphere but relative humidity fluctuates.

Usually the best time to measure dew point is summer you can actually feel the humid outside. It can be also measurable that how much water vapour is available in the atmosphere and with a higher availability of water vapour in atmosphere is the sign of more shower or rain.

Why Dew Point:

Reason why dew point is useful:

•           Dew point reflects the humidity.
•           Dew point is the indication of severe season.
•           Helps weather forecast to predict the temperature.
•           Relative humidity measures with the help of Dew point 

How to Calculate Dew Point:

There is a device known as Hygrometer and you can physically measure the dew point temperature with the help of this device.
Humidity measures with the help of dew point and there is an equation which is used to determine the dew point.

Equation: (Relative Humidity = Mixing Ratio / Saturation Mixing Ratio x 100).

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