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What is use of Compressed air dryer

Compressed air dryer

A compressed air dryer is used for removing water vapor from compressed air. Compressed air dryers are commonly found in a wide range of industrial and commercial facilities.

Compressed air dryers are special types of filter systems that are specifically designed to remove the water that is inherent in compressed air. The process of compressing air raises its temperature and concentrates atmospheric contaminants, primarily water vapor. Consequently, the compressed air is generally at an elevated temperature and 100% relative humidity. As the compressed air cools, water vapor condenses into the tanks, pipes, hoses and tools that are downstream from the compressor.

Excessive liquid and condensing water in the air stream can be extremely damaging to equipment, tools and processes that rely on compressed air. The water can cause corrosion in the tank(s) and piping, wash out lubricating oils from pneumatic tools, emulsify with the grease used in cylinders, clump blasting media and fog painted surfaces. Therefore, it is desirable to remove condensing moisture from the air stream to prevent damage to equipment, air tools and processes. The function of removing this unwanted water is the purview of the compressed air dryer.

There are various types of compressed air dryers. These dryers generally fall into two different categories, Primary and Secondary. Their performance characteristics are typically defined by flow rate in Standard Cubic Feet per Minute (SCFM) and dew point expressed as a temperature, (sometimes referred to as Pressure Dew Point.)

Primary Dryers: Coalescing, Refrigerated and Deliquescent.

Secondary Dryers: Desiccant, Absorption and Membrane.

Refrigerated Air Dryer

Refrigeration dryers employ two heat exchanges, one for air-to-air and one for air-to-refrigeration. However, there is also a single TRISAB heat ex-changer that combines both functions. The compressors used in this type of dryer are usually of the hermetic type and the most common gas used is R-134a and R-410a for smaller air dryers up to 100 cfm. Older and larger dryers still use R-22 and R-404a refrigerants. The goal of having two heat ex-changers is that the cold outgoing air cools down the hot incoming air and reduces the size of compressor required. At the same time the increase in the temperature of outgoing air prevents re-condensation.

Some manufacturers produce "cycling dryers". These store a cold mass that cools the air when the compressor is OFF. When the refrigeration compressor runs, the large mass takes much longer to cool, so the compressor runs longer, and stays OFF longer. These units operate at lower dew points, typically in the 35–40 °F range. When selected with the optional "cold coalescing filter", these units can deliver compressed air with lower dew points. Non-cycling dryers use a hot gas by pass valve to prevent the dryer from icing up.

Some manufacturers produce "cold coalescing filters" that are positioned inside of the air dryer at the point of the lowest air temperature (the point at which maximum condensation has occurred) 

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heatless air dryer working principle

Heatless air dryer working principle

Heatless Desiccant dryer

All about heatless air dryers

A majority of the Industrial Compressed Air Systems and different other applications of air dryers involve the use of Heatless Compressed Air  systems. High Pressure Gas and Air Drying Systems also involve the use of these compressed air dryers in many of their applications. Annair DryChill Tech india Pvt Ltd. in heatless air dryer manufacturing.

How heatless air dryer it functions?

The simplest form of a desiccant kind of air dryer is the heatless compressed one. It can achieve a dew-point of -40°C for the compressed air systems as well as the other applications of air dryers. After passing through the pre-filter, the wet incoming compressed air passes thorugh the assembly of the slide piston. Next, this air is directed towards the first chamber where in it travels upwards through the desiccant bed consisting of activated alumina or molecular sieves. This causes it to dry up due to the adsorption effect of the bed. The dry compressed air coming out of the first chamber now travels through the assembly of check valves hence paving its way through the alter-filter and thereby to the area of application or work. The desiccant in the second chamber that had been wetted in the previous cycle regenerates simultaneously as the compressed air dries in the first chamber. The purge valve depressurizes the second chamber down to the atmospheric pressure in the downward direction. Meanwhile, a portion of the dry compressed air flushes the desorbed moisture out by passing through the needle valve or orifice plate through the desiccant. The purge valve closes and the tower slowly re-pressurizes to line pressure ensuring a smooth changeover as the regeneration completes. An effective dewpoint of -40°C or even better is obtained at atmospheric pressure with an additional period of 5 minutes for drying. An approximate of 60 seconds is all the re-pressurization takes in the regeneration process. This is the principle involved in heatless air dryer manufacturing.

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Compressed Air Dryers in India

Compressed Air Dryer in India

 Compressed Air Dryer Manufacturers in India is Annair Drychill Tech India Pvt. Ltd.

Annair Drychill Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd. 

Annair Drychill Tech (India) Pvt , Ltd Mumbai is a world class manufacturer , Exporter and solution provider for compressed air treatment & industrial cooling. We are committed to design , manufacture, deliver and service of technically proven, commercially viable products and solution to the industrial needs in line with international standards. Annair Drychill Tech India Pvt Ltd. is a part of 'Thalakott' group which is established in the year of 2005 with Annair Drychill Tech India Pvt Ltd. as first organization. ANNAIR dryers & Chillers are one of the most trusted brand in India since 2005 , more than 5000 successful installations and satisfied client base in all spectrum of industries. Our products being exported regularly to South Asia, Middle east , Africa , Europe & South America.

Annair products & services are easily available all over India through our Branch offices , Dealer network and service franchisees.Our dedicated sales & service team is capable of providing customized solution instantly for each and every problem related to compressed Air quality & Industrial chilling. We are a team of self driven , result oriented technocrats working in the field of compressed air treatment & Industrial chilling for last 20 to 25 years.

Annair Drychill Tech Indi Pvt Ltd. is well equipped with state-of-the-art assembly facilities , Equipment,Testing facilities , Quality Assurance team for manufacturing products of high standard of reliability and performance. Our Team has inculcated a habit of rendering prompt deliveries of international Quality products. Our R & D and Design team is always eager to provide most modern, self sustaining , energy efficient modules through their constant research and development. Our quality assurance team supervising stringent quality checks at every stages of Assembly , Functional testing and final packing of products. 

Our Customer care Cum Service department is easily accessible through dedicated phone number & e -mail. Our Customer care team found happiness in retaining customer with us life long by quick service and imparting awareness about the product and services. We cultivate very special relationship with our esteemed clients with product AMC's and assisting them on their new requirement.

Our manufacturing and administration set up situated at MIDC Ambernath (E), Thane , Maharashtra , India with a built-up area of about 4000 Sq.fts. and ideally located in a place with well-connected state highways , with close proximity to Navi Mumbai International Airport , Railways & JNPT sea port. and also with close proximity to our prospective raw materials warehouses , vendors doing job works and skilled labor.

Our products :-

Refrigerated Air Dryer

Heatless Air Dryer 

Water Chiller

Automatic Drain Valves

Moisture Separator

Micro Filters

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Refrigerated Air Dryer Platinum Star Series

Refrigerated Air Dryer Platinum Star Series

ANNAIR has developed an innovative range of air dryer series called Silver Star Series. This high efficiently cooling module has a direct effect on reducing energy consumption & pressure drop. The main Features are
  • Tube in tube type evaporator.
  • CFC free , Eco friendly refrigerant used in system.
  • The precise & accurate Hot gas By Pass Valve , which prevents the formation of ice inside the evaporator.
  • The high efficiency condensate separator is located within the heat ex-changer module. No maintenance is required and gives a high degree of moisture separation.
  • Compact design , requires less floor space.
  • Range from 15 CFM , capable to work up to inlet air temperature of 60˚C.
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Moisture Separator in india

Moisture Separator in India
It is very important to supply dry steam to the equipment. Moisture separator installed at inlet of the pressure reducing station ensures maximum Moisture Separator removal from the steam.

  • It reduces wet steam
  • Long working life of equipments as reduced water hammering
  • Reduced erosion & corrosion in the steam system
  • Reduced pipe & heating surface scaling

Other Applications: At inlet of the Critical equipment's in steam lines like Steam flow meter Moisture Separator, Control valves, inlet of critical process equipment etc.

Annait DryChill Tech  is Best Moisture separator Manufacturer In India

Cent star series Moisture Separator is used for removing bulk water from the compressed air line.
No electricity is used.
Can mount inline.
Particle separation by centrifugal action.
No replacement of cartridges over the period.

Moisture Separator Manufacturer In India

Moisture Separator Manufacturer In India

Moisture separator is also known as a steam separator, it is used as a water droplets separating device from steam. Using steam with the maximum dryness fraction is always a good thing. A steam containing moisture is always causing of problems like water hammer, corrosion etc. and damage industrial equipment. Moisture separators are designed for equipment to filter gas and compressed air. Annair Drychill manufactures indoor as well as industrial air filtration systems like air moisture separator, steam moisture separator, industrial moisture separator, compressed air moisture separator etc.

Annair Drychill manufacturer high performing cyclonic type moisture separator by using high quality raw material, large variety of sizes and are used to for the complete removal of entrained moisture particles and filtration of air and ensure for highest dryness fraction. These moisture separators can be customized with various industrial applications to suit the specific requirements of clients.
Annair Drychill manufacture moisture separator which is high on durability and efficiency, our Industrial Moisture Separators can sustain even the hardest surrounding.

·         Smooth finish
·         Dimensionally well-constructed
·         long-lasting cartridges
·         Thoroughly engineered design ensures
·         Maximum dryness fraction.
·         Wide variety of sizes
·         No electricity
·         Can scale inline
·         Particle separation by centrifugal action

·         Avoid damages or problem like water hammer, corrosion etc.
·         Improve the overall quality of application by high heat transfer and reliability of operation.
·         Baffle plates guide the compressed air.
·         No need of electricity.
·         Long lasting equipment means install and forget.

Other Details:
·         A compressed air enters into the moisture separator and then move in cyclonic motion around inner pipe.
·         This compressed air impact on the baffle plates, after that mild steels separates the moisture or water drops from the compressed air.
·         Dry air enters through the bottom of the inner pipe and through the 100-micron stainless steel mesh it passes.
·       The compressed air comes out finally is 85% free from physical moisture and also 100% free from solid particles.

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Refrigerated Air Dryer

Refrigerated Air Dryer are used as most common types of air dryers because of their simple design, very little maintenance and relatively cheap in price. If you’re shopping for an Air dryer then Refrigerated Air Dryer is a very standard choice. Refrigerated air dryer life span is often longer than most air dryer because they don’t need any much and special maintenance it’s like set and forget. All you have to do just buy a quality refrigerated air dryer and install it properly.

As name implies and like other air dryer, a refrigerated air dryer’s work is cool down the air (like a Freezer). A wet compressed and warm air enters in the air dryer, and cooled down about 3 degrees Celsius and water vapor condenses into water then the water removed by a water-trap from the compressed air.

Process of cooling is same as your freezer and fridge are cooled. To cool down the warm air liquid is evaporated into the evaporator. A small compressor compressed the refrigerant and in the condenser it cooled again.

In these two pictures you can see the various parts of the refrigerant circuit of an old refrigerated air dryer and condensate trap with discharge lines. The whole inner upper area is an insulated evaporator.

Refrigerant circuit is in the background and in the middle condensate trap with water discharge line of a compressed air dryer.

In the middle refrigerant pipes which is connected to the evaporator and cooling fan with condenser at the right side.


Whenever you are shopping for a refrigerated compressed air dryer there are some safety majors and key points which you have to keep in mind.

Pressure: pressure is most important thing you need to care. In refrigerated compressed air dryer maximum it must be same or higher than your compressor.

Maximum Flow: The maximum air flow must be higher than what your compressor can deliver. While setting your compressor’s pressure you need to set that at higher level to avoid pressure drop because air has trouble passing through it.

Inlet Temperature: The inlet air pressure is the most important thing and it can be affected by temperature of the inlet air or by the temperature of the ambient air. It has maximum specified Intel temperature and this temperature can exceed, in two cases first one is your air dryer part is damaged or it doesn’t have capacity to reach at desire dew-point.

Maximum outside temperature: You have to careful about your dryer in summer because if you put air dryer in hot room most probably dryer will shut itself down due to overheat. So, you have to buy dryer according to compressor room.


Every design and type has its own needs and instruction and comes with manual and guideline for the installation and maintenance of Refrigerated Air Dryer.

Installation: Always install or unboxed a new dryer in cool and dust-free room and you will probably need about 1 liters of water per day. Normally voltage power consume by a dryer is about 115 (USA) / 230 (Europe). Cool temperature is also important because if it is too hot outside than the dryer become over-heated and breakdown may be occurred and also sometimes it is happen because of circuits get dirty.

Maintenance: There is no special maintenance need in these dryer you just have taken care about some points like fins (small plates) as they are very sensitive and also clean condenser once in a while. Steel brush is a good way to remove all the dust and there are also some special condenser fin combs for the cleaning.

There are some other problem occurred in dryer like it gets too cold sometimes. In winters, due to cool temperature or set point is very low and air dryer start dries air below 0 degree Celsius and water get start freezing. At some stage ice blocks the pipe completely and problem occurred.

Annair Drychill Tech (I) Pvt, Ltd Mumbai Manufacture Company Unit No. 101, I Wing, Plot - K1, Udyog Bhavan-2, Additional M.I.D.C, Anandnagar, Ambernath East, Thane- 421506, Maharashtra, India. Undoubtedly it is one of the best Manufacturer Company in Mumbai.

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